The management of HEIS GLOBAL, company dedicated to the “Design and manufacture of packaging for pharmaceutical products”, with this document aims to establish the main guidelines governing the company in order to:



– Ensure a continuous improvement of the service provided, always satisfying both the stakeholders requirements as well as the regulatory and / or legal requirements applicable.

– Provide a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.

– That our stakeholders perceive and appreciate our continuous improvement.

– Achieve a high degree of loyalty from our stakeholders. For this purpose and always having as a reference the Quality Management System, the following guidelines are established:


The Management assumes the commitment to comply with the Quality Policy and its objectives as well as to lead the development and implementation of the Management System and constinuously target its effectiveness continuous improvement.

The staff must comply with the provisions of the manuals and procedures deployed, always taking into account the applicable risk assessment.

Maintain close and regular contact with the stakeholders, in order to be aware of their needs and to be able to adapt to them.

As a fundamental pillar within the continuous improvement and the stakeholder satisfaction, continuously train our staff, resulting in greater personal satisfaction, improved working conditions as well as increase in the quality level of our products and services.

The organization uses the methodology of processes risk assessment in order to prevent possible deviations or nonconformities to the Quality Management System.


The Management of HEIS GLOBAL signs this policy and commits to maintain and make available the content of this policy to the general public.


HEIS Management


February 2021