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You’ve probably wondered what exactly a vegan bottle is, why other bottles are not vegan or what a vegan bottle is made of. This article will answer all those questions, find out here.
First, let’s define what veganism is. According to the dictionary, veganism is “the attitude consisting of rejecting food or articles of animal origin”.

Why is there packaging that is not vegan?

The bottles that are “not vegan” are those that come from fossil fuels. These fuels are the organic remains of animals and plants from thousands of years ago, which over time are converted into energy-rich substances.
Therefore, the term “non-vegan bottle” is not because they are made after killing animals, but because they come from a limited raw material that we cannot replenish at the same rate as we consume it.

What is a vegan bottle?

A vegan bottle is one whose raw material comes from vegetable origin. In contrast to petroleum, the raw material is replenished through agriculture.
The case of the plastic used by HEIS, it comes from surplus sugar cane. In this way, the food supply is not affected and we make use of the waste from sugar cane farming.

What are the advantages of vegan plastic?

As mentioned above, the raw material is of plant origin, so it belongs to a closed cycle that can be replaced indefinitely.
In addition, the resulting plastic is compostable, i.e. when treated after use, it becomes compost under the conditions of a composting plant. This process closes the cycle, turning it into another resource that will make the raw material itself grow. For this reason, PLA is a perfect example of circular economy as defined by the Ellen Macarthur Foundation.
The entire manufacturing process is made from the plastic with the lowest environmental impact of all plastics. The CO2 emissions emitted into the atmosphere is less than that of any other plastic material.

Where to get vegan pill jars?

If you are interested in packaging your product in vegan materials, HEIS Global can help you choose the right material for your project. You can contact HEIS Global on their website or by calling +34 965 810 415.

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