This was the feedback from one of our new customers in Europe when they made their first order of 100% biodegradable packaging from HEIS.

It is well known that conventional plastics have wonderful properties for packing food and beverages. However, wrong disposal and recycling attitudes across the globe are making plastics a real environmental problem.

At HEIS we consider that by means of better educating consumers and higher degrees of recycling, we will be able to continue using the great plastic properties for many years. However, until these better educated consumers and higher degrees of recycling are widespread, at HEIS we have developed a 100% biodegradable material for use in bottles and pill jars.

This 100% biodegradable packaging range was presented at Vitafoods 2019 and since then has had a great acceptance, with customers across Europe that have already changed their packaging standards to our 100% biodegradable bottles and pill jars.

More in particular, we consider that one of the great feedbacks received so far describes best our biodegradable products: «Finally! Truly Sustainable Bottles». It came from a European customer that has its own nutraceutics product line as well as manufactures for other final customers.

This customer had been looking for years for a sustainable packaging to use with its nutraceutical product line – based on pills, powder and liquids – as well as to offer it to its customers. After testing cardboard packaging, it was discarded due to its null barrier properties. Glass was not considered an option due to its non-biodegradability and its significantly higher Carbon footprint.

At Vitafoods, they were able to touch and feel HEIS’ biodegradable packaging. They were convinced to test all of their packaging to our biodegradable range.

If like this European customer you are looking for a biodegradable packaging solution, please do not hesitate to contact HEIS for further information! We are looking forward to talk to you soon.


HEIS Global SL is a packaging company that designs and manufactures biodegradable and conventional packaging for the pharma, nutraceutics and food & beverage industries.