The HEIS PLA Bottle circular economy infographic.
The HEIS PLA Bottle circular economy infographic.
PLA is the compostable material of the future. Its origin and its decomposition make PLA the most natural life cycle of all plastics. Discover its circular economy and learn why it is the most valued natural packaging material by the industries.

How does PLA fit into the circular economy?

Firstly, at HEIS we obtain the pellets from sugar cane surplus, from which we produce our packaging. Bonsucro certifies that this raw material comes from environmentally friendly farms that support their workers.

Secondly, when the pellets arrive at the factory, we check their quality and send them to the manufacturing line. Once the bottles are produced, they are sent to our customers so that they can package their product.

The item will then reach the consumer who can recycle the bottle by throwing it into the plastic container. The contents of this container will be sent to the recycling plant, where it will be separated and redirected to the nearest composting plant.

In the composting plant the plastic will disintegrate after a few months. Finally, the material will return to nature, where it came from. This completes the circular economy cycle of bioplastics.

How else does PLA help the environment?

Another feature that makes PLA plastic very beneficial to the environment is its carbon footprint. All plastics have to be melted in order to be shaped into the final product. The more heat that has to be applied to the material in this process, the more CO2 it emits into the atmosphere.

As a result, during the manufacture of the final product, the carbon footprint of HEIS BIOdegradable and compostable bottles is approximately 75% lower than the carbon footprint of conventional plastics and 90% lower than the carbon footprint of glass containers. All this thanks to its low melting point.

Where to buy PLA packaging?

At HEIS, we are developing PLA packaging for different uses, from bottles for food products to pill jars. All under a strict quality control that guarantees a plastic produced from organic material.

If you are interested in supplying your product in ecological containers you can contact us through our website through the contact tab or simply by calling us at +34 965 810 415.

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