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HEIS combines talent and the latest technology in the market to offer its customers innovative packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries.

HEIS has the MISSION to facilitate the adoption of sustainable packaging in the pharmaceutical sector.

HEIS We offer high-quality SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING alternatives.

HEIS Our VISION is to develop a wide selection of products that can be used by any industry.

HEIS Drive the use of SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS by subjecting them to the highest QUALITY standards.

To achieve all this, we apply the 100% rule to all our objectives:

100% Clean Room Manufacturing

100% of our products are manufactured in an ISO 6 clean room, the most restrictive packaging manufacturing environment in Europe.

100% Ecological

100% of our catalog is available in 100% recyclable, 100% recycled and 100% biodegradable alternatives.

100% Committed

Our team works at 100%, improving day by day our customer service, services and products we provide.