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¿Priority? Quality

HEIS's priority is to exceed our customers' expectations. Providing a high level of QUALITY in our products and services is a fundamental pillar to achieve this.

When HEIS was still an idea, the only thing that we had crystal clear was that it had to target the highest QUALITY standards of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

And so we do:

100% Manufactured within Cleanroom ISO6

100% of our products manufactured within Cleanroom ISO6, the most restrictive manufacturing environment for Primary Packaging in Europe.

100% Quality

100% of our production is subject to GMP quality standards and pharmaceutical processes.

100% Normative

100% of our raw materials approved by European Pharmacopeia.

100% Certificated

Our processes are certified according to ISO15378 and ISO9001.

Want to learn more about our quality processes and procedures?

Read our Quality Policy or Contact Us for any further information you may need.