HEIS Global is the only manufacturer of packaging for the pharmaceutical industry to have an ISO 6 Cleanroom in Europe. This is where all our products are manufactured, ensuring the highest possible quality in the industry.

What is a Cleanroom?

Cleanrooms are enclosures in which the environment is highly controlled. The quality of the air inside depends on the particles and contamination inside.

To ensure the lowest number of unwanted outside contaminants, the air is filtered in 3 stages, each one more restrictive than the previous one. In addition, to prevent contamination from outside the cleanroom to the inside, cleanrooms have positive air pressure, so that unfiltered air can’t enter the cleanroom.

In addition, people who enter the Cleanrooms must do so in accordance with established standards. Their clothing and hygiene must be in accordance with the regulations.

What are the regulations inside an ISO 6 Cleanroom?

The International Standardisation Organization, better known as ISO, is the body that sets and controls international manufacturing standards for all areas of industry, including cleanrooms.

For this purpose, it has a regulation that deals with different aspects within the rooms. In the case of air particles, the maximum allowed per cubic metre is as follows:

cleanroom regulations
Maximum numbers of particles in air. Source: e-bbex

As can be seen, there are greater restrictions the lower the ISO number is. The ranking scales exponentially, with differences of more than 70% in particle number between ISOs.

This is why our ISO 6 Cleanroom is so highly valued by customers. The quality at which we are able to produce our products is considerably higher than those manufactured in ISO 7, 8 and 9 Cleanrooms. This speeds up production and ensures a lower rate of wasted goods.

Where can I buy packaging made in an ISO 6 Cleanroom?

At HEIS Global we manufacture pill jars and syrup bottles for the pharmaceutical industry. They are available in both conventional PET plastic and 100% recycled PET. We also have a range made from 100% compostable plastic, made from plant-based raw materials.

If you are interested in acquiring plastic containers made in ISO 6 White Room do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form or by calling +34 965 810 415, our professionals will assist you in the whole process.

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