HEIS bottles and pill jars are now available in 100% BIOdegradable material
HEIS has a portfolio of pharma bottles and nutraceutic pill jars greatly perceived among our customers. They have excellent barrier properties to oxygen and moisture, comply with the highest packaging quality standards and are manufactured aseptically within cleanroom ISO 6.
Despite our PET catalogue was 100% recyclable since the very beginning, we always perceived that our goal should be to achieve 100% biodegradability. And so we did: after significant development effort from our R&D and production teams, we are now able to offer our products not only in 100% recyclable PET but as well in a 100% BIOdegradable grade obtained from renewable sources.
This grade is extremely well suited for those applications where moisture and oxygen barrier properties are not demanding, such as products that will not be shipped by sea or are expected to be consumed in a short period of time after packaging.
We are still far from the PET properties but relentlessly HEIS will continue to work in order to offer our customers excellent packaging alternatives, either 100% BIOdegradable or 100% recyclable.
If you would like to learn more from our BIOdegradable bottles and pill jars, please contact us. We are more than happy to have you on board this sustainable packaging journey!
With warm regards,
HEIS team